Craving for 🍕 but you your wallet says “not today, my friend…” well worry no more! Dexter’s Pizza is going to save your hungry tummy.

Dexter’s Pizza offers affordable and delicious pizza! YUP! You read that one right. AFFORDABLE AND DELICIOUS 😋

I remembered when I home alone and was craving for pizza but I had little money (sad)… I saw a flyer of Dexter’s Pizza and saw their menu and I remembered how happy I was looking at the prices (cause it fits with my budget haha) though I had second thoughts on ordering because I was afraid that it wouldn’t taste good. But hey, there’s always a room to try and discover new things so yea. The best part is that it says on their flyer that they deliver pizza so I directly contacted them and ordered pizza.

Btw here’s what Dexter’s Pizza offers for you pizza lovers out there:

So I ordered the PEPPERONI OVERLOAD (Party 🤗) and all I can say is that not bad for a pizza place offering pizzas in an affordable price.

(Eeeek! Seeing this box makes me happy)




Does the photos make you crave for pizza now? 😂

What are you waiting for? Have your pizza delivered to your house! Call 0943-0479913 (lapu-lapu branch)

Or you can visit Dexter’s Pizza! 

They’re open:

Cravings satisfied 👌🏻




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