So there’s this stall that offered cream puff like desserts at Parkmall, Cebu City, that really captured my attention.


You won’t believe how chewy and delicious they are!
You will definitely crave for more desserts-like that Chewy Junior offers!


The covering was crunchy, but the insides were chewy. Its brand name, Chewy Junior, is apt for the product that it represents. It was not like the cream puff that I had in mind.

Great for a light sweet snack! (a tad bit sinful though but definitely less sinful than a crispy cream!)

The Mini Chewy Puff reminded me of the good ol’ days when I used to eat this as a child. Poofy and airy, this was so light in texture that you don’t realize you’ve eaten the whole bunch until it’s all gone

I recommend the Chocolate Almond Crunch for people who love a bit of texture in their food. The slices of almonds were a good compliment to the crunchy covering of the chewy.

So If you want to try out these Cream puffs that are not really like Cream puffs, check out Chewy Junior Philippines at Parkmall Cebu, City. You will figure out what I mean!

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