Health is the New Wealth

“Health is Wealth” a three word sentence that we all should take note. We should never take our health for granted. A person with bad health cannot enjoy the pleasure of being wealthy.

Do not ruin your body just because you think that drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. is “cool” Do not give yourself into peer pressure! You may think that it won’t affect your health today, but if you continue to do smoke, drink, do drugs, then soon you will see the difference it does by ruining your body.

And if you’re a workaholic person… learn to give yourself a day to relax and to have a time for yourself to take a break from stress. You also need to take care of yourself. Remember: You cannot perform well when you’re not feeling well. It greatly affects our work.

There are people who thinks that their life is a mess and that they think that the only solution is end their lives. That is NOT even a solution! There are people out there who would gladly have a life like yours, wherein they can breathe in air like normal people, wherein they could do things normally. There are people out there who wish that they don’t have any disabilities that hindered them from doing things that they want to do.

See, you have a lot of things to be grateful in life. Choose to make the wise decision in life. Do not let negativity get in the way . Reach out to the highest level of happiness.
Do not stress too much on things. Make time for yourself 😌

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