Mood: Japanese food 

So there’s this Japanese restaurant located in SM City Cebu called YOSHINOYA.

Honestly, I had second thoughts on trying out their dishes because I haven’t got much reviews of the restaurant from other people. But then my friend and I was on our way home, but we were hungry and we wanted to eat something new (because we didn’t feel the “let’s go to a fast food restaurant and eat.”) So yeah, we were curious about the restaurant since it is new so we agreed to go eat at Yoshinoya.

The ambiance is nice, although the interior design is a bit modern wherein we didn’t really felt the Japanese restaurant vibes. But hey, they have a capsule Toy vending machine for kids! (I find it cute tho 😆) you can purchase the tokens on the counter. The lights are good, not dim but not too bright. 

Anyways, We tried their food and I’ve got to say… Yoshinoya, you did a great job satisfying the stomach of a skinny girl 👌👏🏻

Plus, we got entertained by their staffs by dancing to the song of “I love Cebu.” It’s really nice seeing that they have a positive work atmosphere. 

Givin’ Yoshinoya a big thumbs up! 👍

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