Food buddies

Having people who you can explore the world through taste are the best ones 👌 

My friends are definitely the best ones to take with when you wanna try something new. We go to a new restaurant which we think serves great tasting dishes. Usually we find new places wherein they are known for good looking and great tasting (also price worthy ) dishes through instagram, facebook or through people that we know. We make a little research about the suggested restaurant to see if the reviews are great or terrible. In that way, we are able to know if it would be worth it for us to go to that place and spend our money.

Lifehack tip: Have friends who loves food as much as you do. Trust me, exploring new taste would be effortless. 😉

I have friends who also have a huge heart for food and you can really tell it by the looks of their body haha well unlike mine, it’s very hard to tell. (Sad, i know.)

So yeah, this is us during our vacant time hahaha we enjoy pigging out especially when we don’t get to spend much of our money hahahaha. Spent less but 101% satisfied belly 😁

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