Confessions of a skinny girl with a big heart for food

In my life I kept asking myself “what’s it like to be fat?”, “when will be the time when I can experience the struggle of having to buy or wear over the chart sized pants?” Recently I’ve been hearing more along the lines of the body-acceptance movement, which I think is a welcome change. But you know who we don’t hear from very often? Naturally very thin girls. I am a thin person, a naturally thin person. And that makes my life a whole lot easier in many ways. But there comes a time wherein you  just want to gain extra weight real bad because you don’t want to look like a “walking stick.” You want to be on the average side of body weight wherein you don’t look chubby nor skinny.

I personally don’t like to be praised for being “the girl who eats a lot but does not gain any weight at all.” I am sick and tired of hearing all of the complaints of the people who have extra weight who looks at themselves poorly thinking that they’re unattractive because of their “extra weight.” 

Here are some of the struggles that skinny girls face:

1. Looking for your jeans size is a major struggle.

You think being skinny is goals? If so, goodluck finding your jeans size at the kids section. Yes, THE KIDS SECTION. Most of the staff would suggest you to look at the kids section since it would be easier for you to get the perfect jeans size. But seriously at the kids section?! 

2. You look like you’re a human hanger wearing oversized clothes

Oversized clothes are definitely comfortable to wear but when a skinny person wears an oversized outfit, you would definitely say that they look like a human hanger. By how thin they are emphasizes when skinny people wear oversized clothes.

3. Wearing fitted clothes is not as nice as it seems.

When a skinny person wears fitted clothes they look like a “walking stick.” And we utterly hate being called “sexy” or “hottie” like people stop! ✋🏻

But here’s the bottomline:

Having extra weight does not make anyone less attractive AT ALL! It’s all about how confident you are to express yourself and to ignore the nonsense bash. Be confident enough to show of your body. You may be called “fat” or “chubby” but you can think of it that you are “Baymax” a “Panda” “human size pillow” it is up to us how to think on bright side of every situation.

Take it from the skinny girl with a big heart for food 😉

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